Integrated Deterrence and Geopolitics in the Indian Ocean Region


  • Syeda Tahreem Bukhari Research Officer at the Centre for International Strategic Stydues, AJK. Author


India, US, China, AUKUS, QUAD, Indian Ocean


Asia-Pacific has been christened as a decider launch-pad for the global power transition in the 21st century where the US is confronting the rise of China. Integrated deterrence approach is adopted by the US in its National Defence strategy to counter the growing influence of China. To curtail China, in Indian Ocean the US is involved in different strategic engagements such as QUAD, AUKUS, I2U2, and other strategic alliances with India. The research is analyzed through the lens of Security Dilemma by John Herz that how the rise of China is instilling security dilemma in the US as threat to status quo. Consequently, to maintain international order the US has directed its focus to overwhelm China and the power struggle has shifted to Indian Ocean. This paper tries to scrutinize how the integrated deterrence approach in Indian Ocean is making it highly militarized and nuclearized water body around the globe.


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